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"GB"Lin-Speed is an extreme grain revealing finish oil for gunstocks and any fine woodwork, like furniture, guitars, wood knife handles, pens, bar tops, and much more. Lin-Speed deeply penetrates wood pores and hardens, protecting the wood and revealing the beauty of grain patterns from within. In bright light wood appears to glow and you will have a sense that you can actually see into the wood. The finish is tough and abrasions disappear with just a dab of Lin-Speed. Hardwood floor scuffs are also easily repaired with a little Lin-Speed.

Lin-Speed is simple to use and is typically applied with the finger tips but for larger projects a sponge brush can be used. Only a tiny bit is needed per application for a no build finish like no other. Our convenient 2 ounce jar is typically enough for about 6 full stocks. We are now offering for the first time in over half a century in business larger containers for furniture and other large woodworking projects. Click on the products button and order a half pint, pint or quart.

Lin-Speed is not like varnish or polyurethane as these types of finish are meant to be built up on the surface of the wood, where Lin-Speed works within the wood with virtually none on the surface. Lin-Speed makes wood grain glow, enhancing the beauty of your cherished piece. Lin-Speed is durable and abrasions are easily touched up with just a dab of Lin-Speed.

Lin-Speed is the chosen finish of master Luthier Carl Thompson of CTBasses.com. Carl has been making bass guitars for some of the biggest names in music, like the dear departed Lou Reed, since 1974.

Arrieta of Spain craft hand made shotguns and double rifles of the highest quality and trust "GB" Lin-Speed to finish their beautiful stocks.

Lin-Speed is the finish recommended by Beretta for refreshing or repairing the finish on their fine shotguns as found on the Beretta FAQ web page as well as Remington and Winchester restoration experts.

Lin-Speed was a favorite finish for hunting legend Jack O'Connor.


"For years I have tried various kinds of finishes on the wood of my muzzle loaders and carving projects and although they turned out very well, there was still something lacking for me - a certain 'natural' yet luscious kind of look that these other finishes could not deliver. Then one day a vendor recommended Lin-Speed, and after recently finishing the stock on a Plains black powder pistol I am very happy to say that I have found the finish that I have long been waiting for. Lin-Speed reaches deep into the wood to reveal whatever secret richness is to be found there, and offers excellent protection for the wood as well. It is a 'living finish' that takes any wood to a whole new level of beauty. Thank you Lin-Speed, for a fantastic product and for stellar customer support!"

Lin-Speed received a glowing testimonial by James Farrar of Houston.

He said:

"I have used Lin-Speed for 55 year or more. It is the best product going and a proper finish for high end custom stocks or for the old .22 in the closet. The more coats the deeper the finish. Two or three coats is a good level for the hand rubbed look. 8-10 coats will take it to the high gloss look of a Weatherby Mark V and such. You can start with a stain if you prefer before applying the Lin-Speed. I prefer three coats since at that level it still allows the pores of the wood to show and say, hey look I'm real wood. It is easy to add additional coats later or to just repair scratches and scrapes. Great product and the only one I use."

We want to thank James for his kind words and continued loyalty.

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"GB" Lin-Speed
was formulated back in 1950 and its inventor, George Brothers, wrote the following passage about his outstanding product.
It has been said that a linseed oil finish has no substitute in producing a genuine oil finish. "GB" Lin-Speed is a laboratory perfection of linseed oil. "GB" Lin-Speed is not a concoction. It is in fact, linseed oil refined to the point that the oil acquires the admirable qualities of good body and rapid dry. Ordinary linseed oil never really dries. The "GB" Lin-Speed refinement process removes the non-drying linseed parts (called Foots).

Properly applied, and there is nothing difficult about that, the final wood finish, which will be a genuine oil finish, will have no equal in imparting the desired results to a valued gunstock. "GB" Lin-Speed has the refractive index for best showing the changing pattern of grain and color. This completely transparent oil gives wood grain a desirable depth and precludes the need for a separate filler. No wonder that a "GB" Lin-Speed oil finish is so tough against wear and the elements. Just think how tough inlaid linoleum is. Such linoleum is made by the combining of suitable linseed oil with an aggregate, in a manner somewhat like the way concrete gains its strength from adding cement to an aggregate of gravel and sand, which reinforces the hardened result.

With "GB" Lin-Speed oil finish, this fully drying linseed oil is added to the wood and it is the wood fiber itself that provides the aggregate to reinforce the hardened finish. That is why the oil finish must be in the wood itself, why it must not be sealed out of the wood by previously applied materials, and why the finish film should be limited in thickness out in the open above the surface of the finished wood. Any greater durability, even if it were available, would not be necessary. It has been observed many times that the properly applied "GB" Lin-Speed oil finish will enable the wood it protects to withstand bad weather even long after the metal parts of the same gun have rusted.

The "GB" Lin-Speed oil finish is the only type of finish readily restored after very hard use. It can be freshened up in selected areas or over the entire stock by periodic applications in very limited amounts of just a drop or two evened out with the fingers where required.
The "GB" Lin-Speed oil finish has proved itself in all situations. Next time you look at your gun, ask yourself if it wouldn't look better with a genuine "GB" Lin-Speed oil finish."
"GB" Lin-Speed is as excellent a product today as it was when developed because we use the same trusted formula.
Our customers quickly realize that we are totally committed to customer serivice and we always appreciate your business. Please tell your friends about our fine product and the excellent customer service we provide. Your satisfaction is our success. Thanks so much for choosing the one and only "GB" Lin-Speed Finish & Care Oil.

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