Suggested Materials List:

      • Real “GB” Lin-Speed Finish & Care Oil (Try our new Micro-Mesh Pro Finish Kit for final wood finishing before Lin-Speed is applied. Make the wood as smooth as glass with Micro-Mesh)

      • Separate work containers

      • Triple-zero (000) fine steel wool or 3M Scotch Brite Ultra Fine synthetic steel wool. (We prefer the use of dry synthetic steel wool and cleaning with a lint free cloth dampened with Naphtha or Ronsonol Lighter Fluid)

      • If using steel wool, use Plain or Boiled Linseed Oil to lubricate the steel wool (This is not necessary with synthetic steel wool)

      • Naphtha (For thinning Lin-Speed)

      • Paper towels

      • Clean lint free rags

      • 180, 220, 320 & 600 Grit sand paper (Try our Pro Finishing Kit with eight grades of Micro-Mesh cushioned fabric abrasives up to 12,000 Grit for glass smooth wood)

      • Metal refuse can (Empty coffee can with cover)

      • Paint/varnish stripper (If refinishing)

      • Brass brush or old tooth brush (Used to remove old finish from checkered gun stock areas)

      • 1” – 2” cheap paint brush (To apply stripper)

      • Single-sided razor blade (Can be used to scrape away old finish)

Always work in a well ventilated area.
Rags, Paper Towels, Steel Wool Pads soaked in Linseed Oil can self ignite. Put all these work materials and anything else that you have used in the process that may ignite (Lin-Speed, Linseed Oil, Mineral Spirits, Naphtha and lighter fluid) in a metal can. Douse the contents of the can with soap & water and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.