For Gun Stocks, Guitars & Other String-Instruments, Antique Restoration, Furniture and All Wood Crafts

Linspeed 2oz Jar


We produce the same formula for our Lin-Speed® Finish & Care Oil that was first developed by George Brothers, over 65 years ago. For decades it was  distributed exclusively by the Harrington & Richardson Arms Company. And, while primarily used on gun stocks over the years, Lin-Speed has been discovered by craftsmen to provide a fine hand-rubbed oil finish for all manner of their creations. It has been acclaimed around the world for protecting the wood and revealing its true beauty.

Lin-Speed deeply penetrates wood pores and hardens, protecting the wood and revealing the beauty of grain patterns from within. In bright light wood appears to glow and you’ll have a sense that you can actually see into the wood.

Lin-Speed is not like varnish or polyurethane. These types of finishes are meant to be built up on the surface of the wood, where Lin-Speed works within the wood with virtually none on its surface. Lin-Speed accentuates the wood grain, enhancing the beauty of your cherished piece. Lin-Speed is durable and abrasions are easily touched up with just a dab of Lin-Speed.

Lin-Speed is simple to use. Its typically applied with your finger tips, but for larger projects a sponge brush can be used. Only a tiny bit is needed per application for a no build finish like no other. Our convenient 2 ounce jar is typically enough for about 5 full stocks.

“GB” Lin-Speed Oil is not only great for finishing gun stocks but many fine guitar makers have discovered how well Lin-Speed Finish Oil works on their musical creations. And, apply “GB” Lin-Speed Oil to knife handles (it can withstand many trips through the dishwasher before re-coating), tool handles, bar tops, table tops, and furniture.